This Is 10 Best Hotel Booking Applications

Hello Travellers!!! as a traveler will certainly ensure everything before traveling far. Preparing luggage, finances, even until the inn has at least careful preparation. However, only with an Android cellphone, a traveler doesn't have to bother calling here and there to book a hotel room, just by using the hotel booking application and ordering immediately.

Convenience like this is what makes the traveler more comfortable to travel anywhere. Not only for travelers, even those of you who just want a vacation can take advantage of these 10 online hotel booking applications, you know. curious what? Check out the following reviews on

1. Traveloka

To be one of the most well-known applications in Indonesia and trusted by more than 200,000 downloaders. recommends Traveloka as one of the best hotel booking applications that you can enjoy all the facilities.

Traveloka promises convenience without any lies or fraud in booking hotel rooms. There will be no excess additional costs. All hotel room rates will be according to your choice. After you book a hotel, Traveloka users will get an E-ticket for the hotel within 1 minute or even less than 1 minute.

This easy, fast, and practical service is offered by Traveloka for you. Ready to travel with Traveloka? Download the Traveloka application here.

2. Pegipegi

Get exclusive discounts using hotel booking applications? Why not, the article Pegipegi presents its superiority and strength in providing exclusive discounts for customers who always book hotel rooms at Pegipegi.

More than 7000 hotels in Indonesia are available on the Pegipegi list. Of course, all hotel rooms on the Pegipegi list will be given the best prices for customers. Last minute bookings will always be served by the Pegipegi application.

No need to worry if you don't know the position or location of the hotel that has been booked, the article Pegipegi presents a map feature to provide the right and easy location for you. Want to travel with Pegipegi? Click here and download the application.

3. Agoda

Guaranteeing cheaper hotel room rates, Agoda is an application for hotel bookings that also offers superior features to reduce the budget by up to 80% by using Insider Deals, Last-Minute Deals, and also Secret Deals.

Not only that, even applications that have been downloaded by more than 164,000 Android users have prepared around 1,500,000 million hotels, villas, BnBs that are ready for you to stop by while you are on a busy vacation. Even Agoda has prepared a Calendar feature to remind you of hotel booking dates. Easy and practical, right? Download the Agoda application here.

4. trivago

Comparing the price of one hotel stay with another hotel? Of course you can do this by using the trivago application. This application will provide application users with price comparisons to find the price that best suits your needs.

Trivago will also find the best hotel for you and will also offer you the complete address of the hotel you will be visiting. It's not enough to stop there, even trivago makes it easy to book hotels anywhere and anytime and trivago will always be ready to serve you.

Providing the best hotel lodging will always be done by trivago, because this application will provide details about hotels based on ratings. Ready to book a hotel now? Download the trivago application here.

5. Mister Aladin

No need to worry when traveling alone and you get lost. The Mister Aladin application has a Personal Travel Assistant Service feature which is always ready to help and is willing to chat with you and even pick up lost customers. This travel assistant will be ready to take you to the location of the accommodation that has been booked.

Not only features, you can even enjoy and choose the cheapest hotel room rates with the best facilities. So, you don't have to worry about the high cost of hotel rooms. Have a comfortable and safe vacation with Mister Aladin? Click here to download the application.


As the name implies, of course the application for booking hotels this time offers services to book lodging rooms while you are on vacation or traveling. provides more than 1,000,000 hotels, inns and even villas that you can book online via an Android smartphone.

Of course, every hotel and inn installed on the application will immediately display hotel reviews and lodging ratings. So, you can find out how good room service is to get your best lodging.

Even will also have no problem when you change hotel bookings, such as changing the date or hotel that you have