This 5 Tourist Attractions in Cairo, Egypt You Must Visit

One of the places that you must visit when you are on vacation in Egypt is Cairo. Cairo is the seat of Egyptian government. There you can explore various dancing tourist attractions that may not exist in Indonesia.

Well, if you are planning to have a vacation there, don't forget to visit some interesting tourist attractions in Cairo. Here's the review.

1. The Nile River

Nile river or we often call it the Nile, is one of the famous rivers in Egypt. There is nothing wrong not if you visit there to enjoy the beauty of this vast river.

Along the river, there are also several inns and places to eat that you can visit to accompany you to enjoy the beauty of the Nile river. In addition, you can rent a boat to explore this river. How? Are you interested in coming?

2. Al-Azhar Park

One of the other interesting places in Cairo is Al-Azhar Park. This place is a large garden with various plants you can see there.

In addition, there are also Egyptian buildings that stand firmly in the garden. So, this is suitable for those of you who are looking for Instagramable spots.

3. The Egyptian Museum

One of the interesting things you can do there is visit the museum there. Not only traveling, you can also learn about Egyptian history. Don't you miss it.

4. Giza Pyramids

Well, one of the things you must do in Egypt is visit the pyramids that are there. One of them is the Giza pyramids. Another interesting thing that you can do there is try to ride a camel that is available there as your transportation to explore around the pyramids.

5. Khan El Khalili Market

One thing you shouldn't miss is visiting Khan El Khalili Market. There you can shop for various Egyptian souvenirs. You can find various types of beads from antiques to various types of beads there.

Not only that, you can also taste various types of typical culinary delights that are served at several food stalls available there. Interested in trying it?

So, those were references to 5 places that you really must visit when you are or are planning to have a vacation to Cairo, Egypt. Don't forget to prepare yourself and your health. Happy holiday!