Staycation: Safe and Cheap Vacation Options During Pandemic

Staycation is now a safe vacation option when a pandemic hits. Tourists don't need to go far out of town, but just go to the nearest hotel and enjoy the facilities there.

Staycation can also be a cheap vacation option, compared to going out of town or out of town. As in the Riau Islands, people who choose staycation-style holidays are starting to increase.

Usually they can go to Malaysia or Singapore which has close access, but since the pandemic, access has been restricted. Finally, people can't help but look for other vacation alternatives such as staycations.

Marjoly Resort Bintan can be an option. This resort has cheap packages, only IDR 55 thousand per person per night. Of course the price is not staying in a resort room, but guests are provided with camping tents on the beach. In the tent, there are mattresses, pillows and blankets. Suitable for those who want outdoor tourism.

Before arriving, guests must order a package in advance so that the manager can prepare a tent by the beach. Guests will also have their temperature checked first and wash their hands before entering the resort area. In some corners of the resort, there are also hand sanitizers provided by the manager so that guests can frequently clean their hands.

In the beach area of ??Marjoly Resort, there are several game rides, but since the pandemic these rides have not been used. But don't worry, guests can enjoy other entertainment such as WiFi, spa and karaoke facilities. No need to pay anymore for karaoke or just take pictures with the photo spots here.