Recommended cheap hotels in Osaka, Japan Near The Stations

Japan is a popular country in Asia. Apart from the technology and manufacturing fields that have developed rapidly in the last few decades, Japan is also a favorite tourist destination. Year after year, Japan enjoys an increasing number of tourist visits, both tourists coming from Asian countries and European and American tourists.

Osaka is the second largest city in Japan, after Tokyo, making this city a mainstay tourist destination for Japan. There are two city centers in Osaka, namely Umeda and Namba which are both busy places with lots of shopping spots and entertainment attractions. In addition, Osaka also has several other famous tourist spots including Osaka Castle, and Japan Universal Studio. Even though these tourist spots are located far from each other, it will not be a big problem for tourists, because the city of Osaka is equipped with rail transportation facilities that are connected from point to point that reach almost the entire city.


For those of you who are planning a vacation to Osaka, Japan, determining the hotel where to stay is important and will determine your comfort there. Apart from low prices, one of the considerations in determining a hotel is of course its location not far from the train station. That way you can easily reach tourist spots in the city of Osaka, using train transportation.

I was in Osaka for 2 weeks. While there, I always choose the cheapest hotel, so as not to drain my wallet. After all, for me the hotel is only for sleeping at night, because morning until night I would have traveled around the city. But as much as possible I choose a hotel close to the station. Well, here are some hotels that I have checked myself, and I recommend them to you.

Hotel Osaka Joytel
This is the hotel where I stayed the first time I arrived in Osaka. For me this hotel is still quite expensive, but since this hotel is provided by a colleague in Osaka, I have no other choice. Osaka Joytel Hotel is located in the Suminoekoen area, around the bay of Osaka. In my opinion, this hotel is worth a recommendation. The price paid is proportional to the facilities provided. In addition, this hotel is also right on one side of Suminoekoen station, even one of the station doors is directly connected to the lift access to the hotel. If you want to check the availability and types of rooms this hotel offers, you can check it yourself through an online application.

Shin-Imamiya Hotel

Hotel Shin-Imamiya is not far from Shin-Imamiya Station, only needing to walk maybe less than a minute. For the size of a Japanese hotel, in my opinion, this hotel is very cheap, so it is suitable for tourists who do rent a hotel just to rest at night. There are several room options that you can check via the internet. In addition, around the hotel there are several minimarkets for shopping. Unfortunately the environment around the hotel in my opinion is a bit chaotic for the cleanliness standards of cities in Japan. I stayed in this hotel for 4 days.

Khaosan World Namba Hotel

Hotel Khaosan World Namba as the name implies is located in the Namba area, one of the city centers of Osaka. In my opinion, this hotel is still quite cheap compared to other hotels around Namba, which in fact are the center of tourist accommodation. From this hotel, the nearest station is Namba station, which can be reached on foot. We can also reach the Dotonbori area, the famous shopping area in Osaka, also by walking. I once walked from this hotel to Dotonbori which took about 12 minutes. Quite far too. However, since I am a former mountain climber, I am always on hand with rubbing oil.