8 Resorts in Greater Malang Worth Under IDR 350,000

So far, Malang is known as one of the main tourist destinations in East Java. Every holiday season, this Apple City is sure to be filled with tourists from outside the city. Understandably, from nature tourism to culinary delights, everything is there. 

But, what about the accommodation? No need to worry, in Malang Raya, you can also find quite a lot of good inns at affordable prices.

An example is the row of inns below. Very suitable for a staycation!

1. Ubud Cottages Malang
If you want to experience lodging with a Balinese atmosphere, Ubud Cottages Malang could be the right choice. This inn is designed in such a way as to resemble Bali.

The facilities offered are quite complete. Start of tour services, laundry, garden, restaurant, to pool outdoor .

Location : Jalan Bend. West Sigura-Gura Number 6, Karangbesuki, Sukun District, Malang City.
Rates : starting from IDR 305 thousand.

2. Seulawah Grand View

Its location at the foot of Mount Panderman makes Seulawah Grand View has beautiful natural scenery. Some rooms have a balcony with stunning natural views.

The location of this inn is also not far from the natural tourist sites of Songgoriti and Coban Rondo. In addition, the facilities are also complete, one of which is a swimming pool.

Location : Jalan Flamboyan Number 11, Songgokerto, Batu District, Batu City.
Rates : starting from Rp. 325 thousand.

3. Seulawah Resort & Cafe

In addition to Seulawah Grand View, there is also Seulawah Resort & Cafe which is located close to each other. The residence also offers accommodation with a cool atmosphere typical of the mountainous area.

The facilities are no less complete. Starting from internet access, restaurants, cafes, tour services, to outdoor swimming pools .

Location : Jalan Mawar No.8, Songgokerto, Batu District, Batu City.
Rates : starting from IDR 200 thousand.

4. the Grande Hotel

One of the inns that has a strategic location with quite complete facilities is the eL Hotel Grande. This inn is located in the middle between Malang City and Batu. So it is close to many tourist spots.

Location : Green Hills Residence Jalan Bukit Palem Raya Number 1 & 3, Kendalsari, Ngijo, Karang Ploso District, Malang.
Rates : starting from IDR 260 thousand.

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5. Batu Permai Hotel

Hotel Batu Permai is suitable to be used as a place to stay or a staycation with the children. The reason is, this inn has several facilities that support children's activities, such as a children's play area and a swimming pool.

Location : Jalan Melati Number 1, Pesanggrahan, Batu District, Batu City.
Rates : starting from 232 thousand.

6. BeSS Resort and Waterpark
BeSS Resort and Waterpark offers a tranquil, natural and cool stay. The residence has a beautiful view with a backdrop of mountains, rice fields and river flow.

The facilities offered are very supportive for a staycation . You can enjoy free internet access, an outdoor swimming pool , BBQ services, a playground, and a waterpark.

Location : Malang Anggun Sejahtera Residence, Sumber Porong, Lawang District, Malang.
Rates : starting from IDR 328 thousand.

7. Batu Paradise Resort Hotel

Hotel Batu Paradise Resort offers a place to stay with complete facilities and comfortable rooms. Some of the rooms are spacious designed so that it feels like staying at a luxury hotel but at affordable rates.

The facilities offered include: free internet access, laundry service, restaurant, fitness center , and large outdoor swimming pool .

Location : Jalan Diponegoro Number 6, Sisir, Batu District, Batu City.
Rates : starting from Rp. 299 thousand.

8. Toetie Boutique Villa & Resort

Last but not least, there is Toetie Boutique Villa & Resort offering great places to stay at affordable prices. This inn is located on a large area with natural views of Batu City and Mount Panderman.

The facilities offered are also quite complete. Starting from an outdoor swimming pool , BBQ services, restaurants, karaoke, to spa services.

Location : Jalan Mawar Number 17, Songgokerto, Batu District, Batu City.
Tariff : around IDR 350 thousand.